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Written by Hostel 70

We see almost everybody lost about how to get to Brumadinho city where Inhotim museum is located. Which transport do I have to get? Is there a taxi driver that pick me up from BH to Brumadinho? And the best point, how many days do I need to book to get to know the city?

So, answering the main questions to help you how to get here:

▶ 1 – By car: Both of the road BR 040 (coming from Rio de Janeiro) or the road BR 381 (coming from São Paulo) are going to drive you to here but if you are comingo from Belo Horizonte the best option is coming from the BR 381 through Amazonas Avenue.

▶ 2 – Public transport: Saritur is the bus company Who is charge, you can get it from the bus station on the center in Belo Horizonte directly to Inhotim museum at 08h15 or to Brumadinho bus station at 07h/11h or 15h, but also there is a local bus coming from Belo Horizonte that you can get it in front of Dantes Gallery on Praça 7 in Amazonas Avenue every 40 minutes until 23h30 pm. Get the 3788 / 3787 or 3783 red bus.

▶ 3 – Also there are our taxi drivers partners that can pick you up from the airport or another point in Belo Horizonte, send us a message that we organize it for you (check our contacts in website)

▶ 4 – Is there a bus directly from Capitolio city to Brumadinho? Nope! You need to go to Belo Horizonte and get the Saritur bus to here.

▶ 5 – How many days do I need to get to know the city? We recommend 4 days, 2 days to get to know all Inhotim museum and 2 more to get to know surrounding, we have many options to take you out of big cities mind, check it on @derole_por_brumadinho

▶ 6 – Is there any chance to GO walking to get to know the local comunities or waterfalls? Nope! All the touristic places to go here are at least 20km away from the center of the city, here is always necessary to get a car to find the best place to go, also the communities are not ready to open their culture without a local guide, and there are not signs to go to the waterfalls. That’s why our kind of work is so necessary to make the tourism going on in the city!

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