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Written by Super User

We Just began the sadness after Meca Festival cause all those nicest people in the world are located in Brumadinho city for the event and suddenly they leave, and we miss them! But you can follow them by facebook and check all the nicest things they do: https://www.facebook.com/mecalovemeca/?ref=br_rs The main match of the Meca Festival is to conect a loads of artistic expressions, you cand find music concerts, talk shows, discussions and beautiful different people walking around in their own styles. Don’t miss the next edition and book your bed when they start to sell, cause there is not place for everybody, in this year a loads of people had to stay in cities that surround here.

Many people came here alone but they found partners everyday to enjoy in the best way the festival that happens from Friday to Sunday but for those who want to have a rest or get to know better of the city get in touch with @derole_por_brumadinho. This year on Monday we went to a local community to live simplicity way of life, having a nice local meal and love spread!