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Written by Super User

Phone is ringing: Hello is the hotel 70? No is from the hostel. Ahh but this is not a hotel? No, here is a hostel, have you ever stayed ind one? And how much for a double room? Is about R$130,00 the room for 2 with toilet. Wow! Is not possible to make a discount, we are just going to stay few hours? There is no way, the price is too low already. But is there a tv, a minibar in the room? No we haven1t, we are an economic place, we suugest you look for a hotel to find this kind of services. But there is no way to charge for the amount of hours we stay? No, we don’t do this kind of services!

This is one of the dialogues we use to have every weekend by phone here, so we decide to talk about 2 things: what is a hostel and what is a hostel thet looks like a hostel.

Hostel is a kind of accomodation for backpackers that look like na economic place to stay. It can be in shared dorms or privative room, with toilet or not where you can find the best tips of what to do and friendships to travel around getting to know new histories and people.

Been a hostel is not just about a house with shared dorms and low price, there is a load of concept behind the name, is a different environment, different way of seen life is everything different! Is an alternative vibey of life! So don’t expect to book an accommodation of low price that you are going to feel all of this. Our tip is: before you book it check their social pages and see if you match with their philosophy!