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Written by Super User

Hostel is a kind of a place really different from the usual, this is the reason that many times people can be afraid of to have so many cultures and distint people in just one place, also about the idea to share the accommodations and to get know somethings that you’ve never think about it.

For Brazilians is more complicated to understand that is possible to travel without spending a lot of money but privacy has to be out of the plans to make that the trip flow different and save money to enjoy the tours that you want to experience.

Here in Brumadinho there are options for every taste, there is a hotel, an inns also airbnb and hostels but we really think that worth it live another kind of trip sharing every space or not in case to stay in a private accommodation that many hostels have. The best tips of what to do in a city is always in the hostels front desks!

Hostel is a house for open mind people it doesn’t matter what is your age! We are receiving many retired people that want to enjoy another experiences in life open up themselves for the new!